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Kolonakiou 44, Despina Court,
1st floor, 4103 Agios Athanasios

New Location

Athos Demetriou Associates LLC is expanding and is now able to serve its current and new clients out of a second location, in its new offices located in Limassol.

What does a new office mean to us?

We pride ourselves in our dedication to offering our clients stellar legal services. This not only translates to our knowledge, skill and expertise but also to our ability to be readily available to our clients.
A new office brings us closer to you and allows us to efficiently operate in the two most commercially prominent cities in Cyprus. At the same time, the new space makes it more convenient both for our local and international clients operating in Limassol, to visit us when needed.

More about us

Athos Demetriou Associates LLC is an award-winning commercial legal firm that offers clients high-end legal advice. Our team of lawyers have extensive experience in handling complex and sophisticated cases and transactions and deliver real value to clients.

Kolonakiou 44, Despina Court, 1st floor, 4103 Agios Athanasios, Limassol.
tel: +357 25 008 179