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17 Mar 2020


Courts are to remain open for urgent cases only. All other proceedings have been postponed until 30.04.2020.

Having regard to protecting the population from further spread of the disease (Covid-19), the Supreme Court of Cyprus on March 16, 2020 decided to implement the following precautionary measures, effective immediately:

1. The hearing and all further action in any case before the Courts of Cyprus Courts at any level and jurisdiction is suspended until 30.04.2020 with the following exceptions:

I. Civil Actions:

  • Interim order applications in cases of utmost urgency, upon prior permission to be granted on a case by case basis
  • Appeal applications relating to Law 9/1965 on the Transfer and Mortgage of Lands
  • Writs of Habeas Corpus
  • Applications relating to fugitives and wanted persons
  • Prerogative writs of urgency
  • Asylum cases of urgency
  • Urgent appeals

II. Criminal cases:

  • Cases where the defendant is in custody
  • Cases seeking remand of defendants
  • Cases relating to the Quarantine Law and the relevant Council Orders
  • Urgent cases at the Court’s discretion
  • Appeals where the defendant in imprisoned or in custody or are deemed urgent at the Court’s discretion

Urgent proceedings relating to e.g. the application for an order mandating psychiatric treatment, any orders of urgent nature by virtue of special statutes such as orders regarding the Violence in the Family Laws etc are also exempted from the suspension.

The issuance of decisions at all court stages and jurisdictions is also excluded from the suspension.

2. The Court Registries shall be accepting fillings/submissions as follows:

  • Actions, judicial review applications, general applications accompanied by an interim order application of urgent nature, upon prior permission to be granted on a case by case basis
  • Application appeals against the foreclosure process for the sale of immovable property
  • Appeals and prerogative writs of urgent nature
  • Applications relating to fugitives and wanted persons
  • Criminal cases where remand of the defendant is sought
  • Criminal cases relating to the Quarantine Law and the relevant Council Orders.
  • Criminal Cases for which the General Attorney specifically requested to be filed as “of utmost urgency”.

Submissions/filings referring to mental health care procedures or to the issuance of urgent orders under any law, will also be permitted.

The submission/filing of any cases in respect of which a time limit and/or limitation is provided under the Constitution or by stature will also be permitted.

The induction of oaths in cases of utmost urgency will be further permitted at the discretion of the competent Court Registrar.

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